• Planning your family vacation »

    May 23, 2016- 10:30am

    It’s a lot of work and time to budget for your family vacation, while also planning that special trip for you and your

  • Participate in Walk for Dog Guides »

    May 23, 2016- 10:28am

    If you’re in the neighbourhood of Larry Uteck Drive on Sunday, May 29 around 1 p.m., you may think the neighbourhood has literally

  • Young writers honoured »

    May 23, 2016- 10:28am

    A handful of Nova Scotia’s best young writers were honoured recently at the Turning Points Awards Celebration at Charles P. Allen High School

  • Tips for spring cleaning the kitchen »

    May 23, 2016- 10:30am

    When the birds start to chirp, the buds start to blossom and I no longer have to wear my winter coat and boots,

  • Squares that will have you jumping »

    May 23, 2016- 10:30am

    Spring weather has finally arrived! I have a recipe for you that is perfect for picnics, potlucks, and patio parties!

    These peanut butter

  • Toy soup, ready to order »

    May 23, 2016- 10:30am

    There is soup all over her bedroom carpet, but it’s not made with noodles or vegetables. It’s the very worst kind: Toy soup,

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