• The movie experience »

    September 25, 2016- 7:57pm

    I love going to the movies.

    The first movie I ever saw was Mary Poppins. The best part about it for me

  • Beautifying a bridge »

    September 25, 2016- 8:08pm

    A project that is now 30-plus years in the making has almost reached its conclusion in Tantallon. Spearheaded by local entrepreneur Denis

  • Hunting safety tips »

    September 25, 2016- 8:09pm

    With the hunting season upon us, Halifax District RCMP and Halifax Regional Police — Your Partners in Policing — are advising outdoor

  • Low cost souvenirs that won’t break the bank »

    September 25, 2016- 7:59pm

    Whenever I go off to a new destination I always want to bring something home to my family, whether it’s something they

  • The first R »

    September 25, 2016- 8:05pm

    Did you know that reading is more than simply pronouncing words? Many students and their parents are surprised to learn that there

  • The autumn joys of cyclo-cross »

    September 25, 2016- 8:07pm

    Almost everyone enjoys the change in seasons — it is nice to have some change in temperature and scenery as the vegetation

  • Nail to the rescue »

    September 25, 2016- 7:57pm

    Have you ever tried building a deck by yourself?

    It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.

    You will have one big

  • Tiny treasures »

    September 25, 2016- 7:58pm

    Leaves are turning red and golden before our very eyes, and there’s definitely a nip in the air early in the morning

  • Fall for comfort food »

    September 25, 2016- 8:07pm

    It’s not often that I crave a hearty bowl of stew, but since finding this recipe for Irish Stew, I now have

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