• Monarchs and milkweed »

    July 18, 2016- 10:10am

    Ladies and gentlemen, the monarchs have arrived, and I say that with more than a little relief.

    This is perhaps the most recognizable

  • Photography Tips: I’ve caught the bug »

    July 18, 2016- 9:25am

    Feeling waspish is to readily express anger or irritation. Synonyms are irritable, touchy, testy, snappish, cantankerous, moody, crotchety, crabby and grouchy. My husband

  • Pride 2016: ‘This is why’ »

    July 18, 2016- 9:54am

    For 10 days in July, from July 14 to 24, people in Halifax can’t help but be aware that the city is celebrating

  • Provincial players picked »

    July 18, 2016- 9:25am

    A group of seven female basketball players from the Sackville area have been chosen to represent Nova Scotia on the provincial teams for

  • Local paddler goes international »

    July 18, 2016- 9:25am

    A young paddler from the Sackawa Canoe Club in Lower Sackville is heading to Belarus later this month to represent Canada at the

  • Floorball and fun »

    June 13, 2016- 12:01pm

    Ever heard of floorball? It’s a lot like ball hockey, but with slightly safer rules.

    The sport is popular in Europe, and is

  • Healing osteoarthritis »

    July 18, 2016- 9:44am

    Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint condition caused by chronic “wear and tear” on a joint. This degeneration causes chronic swelling, pain and stiffness

  • Eat local this summer! »

    July 11, 2016- 10:22am

    If you are a regular reader of this column, you know I am a huge fan of farmers’ markets. It just feels great

  • Natural summer skin savers »

    July 4, 2016- 11:04am

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already experienced your first sunburn of the season. It’s always my goal every summer to avoid

  • Sharing LGBTQ+ pride with kids »

    July 18, 2016- 9:43am

    Long before the kids really understood what we were saying, we told them they could grow up and love anyone they wanted. Marry

  • Fancy up your barbecue with Wagyu beef »

    July 18, 2016- 9:49am

    Is your barbecue bored? Here’s a sizzling solution for exciting summer grilling: Wagyu Beef.

    An upscale star of the global food scene for

  • Sweet, savoury summer »

    July 18, 2016- 9:41am

    A few recipes to liven up your summer menu, courtesy of Atlantic Superstores.


    Created by Chef Kathy

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